Dear Reader,

Well, I had another playdate with the same Dom yesterday, so it’s time for another journal about it.

After our last playdate, I can’t deny I was fighting frenzy hard. It’s difficult to find something that you have been hoping exists for so long and not jump at it to try your best to keep it. He did get back to me about his enjoyment of our first play date, though, and we set up another. This one special. I was to be his belated birthday present. I was honestly very excited about it.

I was nervous so I did my best to get myself into the headspace of submitting fully once more by doing things that I would naturally do for a Dom that I belonged to on a daily basis. I had dinner started and simmering so that we could eat as soon as we were ready after playing, I took a shower and used the products that I know he likes the scent of, I wore what he requested me to wear, I had an ice-cold drink ready and waiting for him when he arrived. I tried really hard to soothe the nerves and it worked a little, but I was still nervous.

Thank goodness He wasted no time this go ‘round. He hadn’t done more than set his stuff down when he pulled me to him for a kiss pinning my arms behind my back and making me purr for him. Before long I was in submissive heaven. Dressed in a corset and heels and long gloves my limbs bound as he touched and kissed and teased and spanked.

I was still plagued by nerves and so excited to be playing with Him that I completely forgot my manners and responded with only “mmhmm” “uh-huh” and “yes” until He made it a point to remind me that during the allotted time I was His and I was to address Him as Sir when he asked me something.

Now, I was already feeding off the energy between us to the point that I had to concentrate to answer him but that one act on his part was… the icing on the cake. I needed that so badly and hadn’t even known it. I needed Him to put me in my place and remind me that I had agreed to give myself to him for that time period.

After that, it all became a surreal experience again. I am beginning to think that is what subspace is for me, not the flying and floating that others have described, but a dreamlike state where I am still lucid but everything is utterly surreal to where afterward I sometimes question if what I remember actually happened or not.

After it was all over and Daddy came home we all talked and ate the dinner that I had waiting. Daddy played his game on the computer while my playdate and I cuddled on the couch and watched a few movies. As much as I loved the playtime, and believe me I want to be repeating that as often as possible, it was afterward that I enjoyed most. Being cuddled and teased and just easy with one another as we watched Halloween movies on freeform. He once accused me of having a crush on him in the interim between our last playdate and this one. At that time I wasn’t quite to that point. Whoa boy, am I there now! This kitten is definitely crushing on her play partner.

We have mentioned the possibility of regular play sessions… we will see how it goes. Wish me luck, Dear Reader, and as always, remember: This is your life; live it your way!

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