Dear Reader, 

Happy Halloween! That’s right, I am back after another amazing playdate with my handsome and mysterious play partner! and boy was it steamy too! 

This time we did things a little differently from the outset. There was actual prep and I don’t mean my typical ritual of getting ready and having a drink ready for him. I had to improvise a warm and cushy place for me to kneel on my cold hard floors because this time was special. It was experimental. It was a sort of test to see if there were possibilities beyond the typical play with ropes and toys. 

In my past, I had some experiences with the ritual and protocol that some associate with the lifestyle, but they were all lackluster – as if we were merely going through the motions. nothing really took root. This playdate blew them out of the water completely! There is something profound and centering about kneeling naked and exposed before a fully clothed Dominant that you know sees and accepts you for who you are and wants it enough to place any kind of collar on your neck, even a play collar, claiming you for their own. 

He took me through a few basic positions and bid me remember them for future encounters before he got to the bondage fun. I was well and truly trussed up this time, dear reader. No, I mean seriously, I had to use my head to balance myself on his lap for a spanking, which I found quite delightful really. He teased and played with me until I begged him to allow me the pleasure of orgasming for him no less than six times. He even used a yummy Wartenberg wheel. that little tool was more thrilling than I could have ever imagined. 

Sadly, the play had to come to an end and the collar had to come off. I cried a few tears over that moment, believe me. After this fourth playdate, I want so much more. I have taken the time in the months that I have known him and the time that we have been playing with one another to really examine how I feel. My position has not changed from that first playdate, reader. if anything I am even more sure of what I feel and what I want. and I want so very much more. But not with just any Dom. I want it with Him. I might be growing more than a little addicted to the heart stuttering energy that we share. Even when playtime is over, the submissive in me still craves him. how could I not want to pursue that? 

I would share more but some things are just for me and him. besides if I shared all, where would the mystery be? He has left me with tasks to complete and expectations to meet, which makes me feel hopeful for the future. I am still sitting on my battlements waiting for him to come to my gate. I think I see him on the horizon, but I can’t be sure. What I am sure of is that this is one conqueror who doesn’t have any need to storm my castle… just approach and the bridge will be lowered, the gates raised and my heart will be given.

Keep wishing me luck, dear reader, and as always, remember: This is your life; live it your way! 


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