Dear Reader,

Well, the weather has turned cold and we are pulling out the hot cocoa and warm blankets here on the east coast, but even that cannot keep me from a much anticipated playdate. This one was… pretty perfect. 

There was more position training, bondage and play, of course. So many new experiences and sensations. This time we intentionally added the element of service. It’s been a while since service was something expected instead of something I just did. He made it wonderful though. Yes, I cried when the collar came off again, but it wasn’t for long. He is great at the after care.

I have a few bruises to remind me of the time we had and quite a bit more hope for the future. We have touched on a more permanent arrangement, though He is still a bit hesitant on the idea. Though he did tell me that he doesn’t want to lose what we have found anymore than I do. That was an absolute relief to hear. I sometimes feel like these battlements of mine are a highwire. but we all make choices. 

The future looks bright, reader, and i am planning on being there. We have several plans in the upcoming weeks prior to the holidays, so i will keep you informed – not too informed though. Some things are still just for me and him to know. lol.


Keep wishing me luck, dear reader. I still need it! The knight is getting closer to the castle walls. I can see him clearly now. He just has to choose to step onto the drawbridge and trust me not to lift it while he is still crossing. Happy Holidays, y’all! 

As always, remember: This is your life; live it your way! 



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