Hiya! I'm Illiana Cole. I am Drake's and Dan's 38-year-old sassy, southern middle/little. I have been moving and grooving in the worlds of BDSM and polyamory since 1998. Yes, that long! I can't say that it's all been good. Some of it has been a downright '80s horror movie! But through it all, I have learned and grown a lot. I hope to help others on this path by putting those lessons out into the world.

I am also a complete geek. When I am not running the blog or acting as our family's Home Executive, I can be found playing Pathfinder or The Sims 4, watching Doctor Who (I can't get enough River Song, y'all!), doing any craft that involves a needle or a hook, and/or cuddling one of my three crazy dogs! You can contact me here on Kinky In The Middle, on Twitter as @kinkymiddle, on Fetlife, on Facebook, or by email.






Greetings, I am Drake Addams. I am Illiana’s Dragon, or Draggy, which is our term for me as her Daddy Dom. I am a 31-year-old switch. I have been dabbling in BDSM for about 10 years as a submissive, and I am still relatively new to really getting into D/s as a lifestyle and doing it properly. So, I am learning right along with all of you! My hope with this blog is to let others see a different view of this lifestyle and, maybe, let them know they are not alone in this great big sea.

When I am not blogging or toying with Illiana, I play video games and tabletop RPGs (mostly Pathfinder currently). I can be found either in front of my computer or reading a book on my Kindle most of the time. Currently, I am reachable here on Kinky In The Middle or Fetlife.