Over the years the landscape of what is out there for those of us who ride and cross the lines of “normal” relationships has changed drastically. After 25 years of combined experience in both the poly and BDSM lifestyles, these are the best resources that we can personally recommend.




Kayla Lords: A Sexual BeingThis is Kayla Lords’ personal blog and a wonderful view of the realities of this lifestyle.

Poly.LandThis blog by Page Turner offers useful and sometimes comically insightful information on relationships, specifically those of the non-monogamous variety.

Coffee & KinkAmyCK lets you into her wonderfully vibrant view on all things from kink to polyamory and sexuality.

Submissive GuideA wonderful wealth of information for all of those in the BDSM community, but it is aimed at submissives specifically.

Dominant GuideThe sister site to Submissive Guide aimed at Dominants, but again, a wealth of information for everyone in the BDSM community.

Castlerealm ArchivesCastlerealm was my very first source of information on BDSM 21 years ago. Sadly the site is no longer up and running, but the lovely folks at KinkyToyChest have archived many of the articles. No list of recommendations from me would be complete without it.



Loving BDSMKayla Lords and John Brownstone deliver solid information on the BDSM lifestyle with down to earth, relatable banter and a good dose of humor and humility on their weekly show.

MultiamoryThis Trio’s specialization is focused on communication and relationships. It’s great information whether you are monogamous or polyamorous.

KinkCraftKinkcraft is a podcast about all the lovely way to be kinky with some wonderful how-to’s thrown in there.

The Big Little PodcastThis podcast is specifically aimed at age players, but since we folks in the Caregiver/little world seem to get tossed in here, there is some wonderful information here.



This list will inevitably grow and change as time goes on. we have several books, blogs and podcasts in the wings waiting to be read or listened to. As always, remember: This is your life; live it your way!