Hello, world! Illiana here with an update for you. I am sure you noticed that Kinky in the Middle has been more than a little off kilter this month. Don’t worry! We have it sorted out and are getting back on the tracks.



Down time 


Last week our site went down and threw our whole team into a spiral. In the process of the site’s crash and resurrection, we lost some content and learned a few hard lessons. We hope there won’t be a next time, but if there is, we have it covered with multiple backups at different locations so we won’t lose any more content! Yay! 


Hats off to our hosting company for identifying and fixing the issues in a timely fashion and for the individual attention to getting our site back up! 



Posting Changes 


The site going down caused an unexpected loss of a couple posts. Because we love our readers and aim to help enrich your lives, we have decided to rewrite those posts and post them this week. 


The snafu did, however, allow us some time to really dig into our scheduling and see how it was working for us. This review has led us to change our posting schedule a bit. Starting this week we will be moving the More Than Two’s Day post to wednesday mornings. It isn’t quite as clever but it will allow for better content for you, dear reader. All other posts will remain on their regular schedule. 



Guest Posting


This month we add a new monthly contributor, my dear friend and fellow little, sonnet! She’ll be posting every 3rd monday of the month starting on September 16th with the psychology of stuffies! I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I am certainly curious to read that one! 


Also, our very own Drake Addams will be making a triumphant return on Monday, September 23, as a monthly contributor with a post looking at abuse in polyamory and BDSM.


This past weekend our own THE_ANN got married! Congratulations girl! It was a beautiful ceremony and a great party! The whole team here wishes her and her new husband a very happy life together. 


As a result, her monthly edge play section has been cancelled for this month while she enjoys her honeymoon. You can look for her to be back in action here at Kinky in the Middle on October 14 with a post on the artistic side of edge play! 



At the End of the Day…


Things get off track and life happens, but the Kinky in the Middle team will continue to be dedicated to bringing you the best we have to offer through it all! We hope you will continue to come back and enjoy what we are putting into the ether! 


As always, Remember: This is your life; live it your way! 


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